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Lagos agbe Pounded Yam – Where consistency counts! Get the real mouth feel.

LAGOS agbe POUNDED YAM flour [powder] is specially formulated to replace part of the starch or carbohydrate with fibre. Fiber promotes healthy bowels, it can help reduce obesity and promote a healthy heart if eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and salt.

Main Features

  • Low in fat
  • Fortified with dietary fibre
  • We have not added any artificial colours
  • Drum container can be closed after first use for neat, safe and hygenic storage

Main ingredients

Lagos agbe Pounded Yam flour is made from specially selected yam tubers. Fiber has been added in the right proportion to improve the healthy nutritional aspect of the Pounded Yam powder. Adding water then cooking Lagos agbe Pounded Yam flour results in a smooth and healthier Pounded Yam meal.


Code Pack Unit Case Pallet
LAG01 Drum 2kg 4 384
LAG02 Box 700g 12 1008
LAG02 Sack 4.5kg 1 220


PREPARING POUNDED YAM MEAL: Just add water to Lagos agbe Pounded Yam flour and mix to a smooth slurry. Cook while stirring, when thickened knead to required texture. Cooking takes 3 to 5 minutes. Serve with soup or stew.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve Lagos agbe Pounded Yam with egusi soup, or with your favourite stew.

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