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Authentic Healthy Food

MA Quality Foods is a leading producer of speciality gluten free flours in the forms of plantain flour, yam flour, cassava flour, fufu flour and blend of flours.

With a head office in Manchester in the North West of England and agents in a number of countries around the world including Holland, Italy, Spain, Ghana and Australia, our worldwide logistic expertise enable us to supply our products to all international destinations.

That’s what makes us Europe’s leading company in innovation of staple ethnic food!

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The Delicious Taste of Africa

The consumer is always our priority so our food experts strive to bring safer, more hygienic, and healthier food to you.

Whether we’re creating our own high end branded products such as Fufu Sankofa and Lagos Pounded Yam, producing our specialist natural gluten-free flours or innovating with New Product Development via our White Label Services, MA Quality Foods offer convenience and great value for money.

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White Label Services

Fufu Flour

Plantain Flour

Yam Flour

Pounded Yam Flour

Soup Powders
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Popular Products

Our focus on health and wellness extends across the whole range of brands that bear the MA Quality Foods logo, impressive packaging and presentation, highest manufacturing standards and addressing current nutritional challenges are our specialties.

Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Agency
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Certified Quality

Our operations adhere to strict British and EU food Standards and regulations, hence all our manufacturing facilities are BRC certified.

MA Quality Foods’ team are experts in their respective fields while working together as a team to bring you the best products.

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