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MA Quality Foods

Who is MA Quality Foods?

MA Quality Foods is Europe leading company in innovation of staple food of African origin, providing customers across the globe with quality, healthier and convenience food options.

What does MA Quality Foods do?

MA Quality Foods manufactures and stock a range of mainly food flours and soup powders.

How experienced are MA Quality Foods?

MA Quality Foods was established in 2005 through the British government Enterprise initiative, and has built a reputation as an international supplier of quality ethnic food, with our comprehensive understanding of the global food industry. This enables us to manufacture to high international quality standards, ensuring that individual customer specification are satisfactorily fulfil to meet quick delivery worldwide.

Where is MA Quality Foods based?

MA quality Foods head office is in Manchester in the North West of England. We also have agents in a number of countries around the world including Holland, Austria, Ghana and Australia. Our worldwide logistical expertise enable us to supply our products to any international location.

What makes MA Quality Foods unique?

MA Quality Foods innovative brands offer high quality, convenience and healthier options in food of African origin. Our manufacturing facilities are BRC certified and we operate on strict HACCP procedures enabling us to produce global quality products and provide best services to worldwide customers.

Our Ethos

To always provide families with good authentic food of African origin, by developing quality brands with our main focus on quality, healthier and convenience options.

  • Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

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